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Definition: Fashion Manufacturer
The program defines "Fashion Manufacturer" as a company that:

Transforms raw materials into fashion-related products that are produced on-site and at volume for paying clients;
Primarily cuts and sews or knits fabric into garments and/or provides a service along the garment production supply chain such as pattern-making, sample-making, embroidery and embellishment, or textile and raw materials treatment and dyeing services;
Primarily buys raw material, designs, and prepares samples, or makes products that are an accessory to garment production (e.g., belt manufacturers, button manufacturers, and label and tag manufacturers);
Primarily manufactures fashion accessories such as jewelry, handbags and luggage, footwear, and technology-focused applications for the fashion and garment industry (i.e., “wearables”); or
Is primarily engaged in other activities involving the production, assembly, creation, fabrication, or processing of garments or related fashion products (e.g., marking, grading) approved in writing by the NYCIDA (for purposes of this definition)

The Garment Center Suppliers Association (GCSA) Foundation's mission is to preserve and promote garment manufacturing in Manhattan, New York City.
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